One-on-one sessions

Does your dog jump up on people, bark excessively or continuously demand your attention? Do you want to learn how to change his behaviour by focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want?

Your dog needs to be challenged. If you don’t give your dog productive outlets for his pent-up energy, he’ll find his own. He needs physical exercise like walking, running and playing and mental stimulation like obedience training, toys and brain games.  

I will show you how to fulfil your dog’s needs, so you have a dog that listens to you, knows the behaviour that you expect from him and wants to learn.


Lhasa Apso puppy IMG_5866.jpg

Puppy Package

Moving to a new home is a significant change in the life of a young puppy. Preparation is the key to making him feel safe, comfortable and content. Getting it right from the start saves a lot of time, hassle and frustration down the road. I can help you put everything in place – from setting up a schedule for feeding, toileting, walking, playing and napping to puppy proofing your house or apartment to nipping bad habits in the bud.


Behavioural Issues

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs, chase motorbikes and skateboards, is startled by loud noises or sudden movements or is simply anxious on walks constantly on the lookout for the ‘scary’ thing?

 Reactivity and aggression are caused most frequently by fear and stress but can also be due to the lack of proper and early socialisation, lack of training, misuse of negative training methods or equipment, or trauma, amongst other factors.

Training and behaviour modification can reduce your dog’s stress around triggers and teach an alternate behaviour, and even form positive associations through counterconditioning and desensitisation.