Hello, I love the connection between dogs and humans. My goal is to help you rethink how you interact with your dog, and how your actions impact your dog’s behaviour.

Here's how I started on this path. Growing up in Canada on the largest freshwater island in the world, I’ve had dogs in my life since the age of two. Then I moved to Brussels where I worked as a professional writer and at the same time looked after dogs for people… and it grew from there. After years of working with different dogs as a dogsitter, I began to take a closer interest in the reasons behind some of their behavioural issues.

This led to me immersing myself in all things dog. I have acquired a sound theoretical understanding of dog behaviour through experts in the field whom I have met whilst on dog training courses in the UK like Jan Fennell and the Netherlands. Added to this, I have acquired a lot of knowledge of dog training techniques through books and videos.

My practical experience has also armed me with the skills needed to deliver excellent dog training. I gained hands-on experience working on a one-to-one basis with clients and whilst volunteering at a dog training school in Brussels. I know that each case requires a customised approach and used this method to decipher dogs’ behavioural issues such as aggression and fear and puppy problems like good house training. I have also created training to deal with annoying habits such as excessive barking and chewing and am able to deliver general obedience training.

Coming up with my own strategy, I now work with dogs, bringing out their full potential through physical, mental and sensory stimulation which satisfies their instincts. The final piece in the puzzle is to show guardians how to bring out the best in their dog.

Training & Experience

Aggression Course for Animal Professionals (Amber Baston - BVetMed. MRCVS -UK)

Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT UK) Foundation Course

Jan Fennell International Dog Listeners – Amichien Bonding Foundation Course (UK)

Empowered Socialization: BAT for Dog Aggression, Frustration, and Fear - Grisha Stewart (U.S.)

Barking Mad: Compulsive Disorders in Dogs - (Amber Baston - BVetMed. MRCVS - UK)

Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour (ADTB) Online Pet Dog Training Course

The International School For Canine Psychology & Behaviour (Certificate in Canine Behaviour)


ABC Training – Basics (NL)

Canine First Responder Course (Ireland)

Volunteer experience

Brussels Canine dog training school