I firmly believe that while it’s important to train the dog, it’s equally as important to educate the owner. I can teach your dog a new behaviour but I am not with your dog every day, you are. Consistency and repetition are the keys to achieving results so your effort determines your dog’s success. Relationship-based training, where I train both dog and human in perfect partnership, gets the best results. It’s teamwork at its best where both you and your dog will benefit and be happier in the new relationship.


How Mei works

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...with your dog

All dogs need discipline and clear rules and boundaries. But since each one is unique, I treat each dog individually with personalised training techniques that are gentle, positive, humane and effective.

I use clicker training which is based on positive reinforcement that motivates dogs to want to learn. It speeds up learning, and once the behaviour is learned, it’s not easily forgotten. It also helps your dog to think, increases confidence and is fun.

… with you

I will show you how to interact with your dog in a way that your dog will think ‘she understands me’. Dogs respond to tone of voice, body language and energy so I will demonstrate how to watch for the signs so you communicate effectively with your dog. Then we’ll work on building trust, respect and connection. Because I give you the tools and techniques, the training only begins with me, but continues with you. Remember, a dog needs consistency and repetition to learn something new.

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