Puppy Package

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During the Setting up/Preparation Consultation, we will cover:

Set up – puppy-proofing your place

First Day, Night, Week

House training

Crate training

Stop biting, chewing, jumping

Advice on socialisation

First visit to the vet

Neutering advice

During Your Puppy’s First Training Sessions, we will cover:

House training

Stop biting, chewing, jumping


Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it

Loose Lead Walking

Learn five tips to setting up your puppy for success

Did you just get a new puppy or are you considering getting one? The first days and weeks are crucial for helping your puppy feel safe, comfortable and happy in your home. Here are a few tips to help your new puppy start off right:

1. Get a crate. It makes house training so much easier.

2. Set up a daily routine from the start - feeding, toileting, walking – again, it helps heaps with house training.

3. Socialise your puppy to everything early on. Introduce him to a variety of people (umbrellas, wheelchairs, beards, etc.), dogs (big, small, calm, hyper,etc.), environments (shops, restaurants, busy streets, public transportation, car, etc.) and noises (vacuum, hairdryers, etc.) 

4.Teach your puppy to be alone. This will avoid separation anxiety.

5. Start puppy training as soon as possible. Make the most of his rapid learning period which is until 14-16 weeks old.