“Mei has worked wonders with our two-year-old rescue dog, Mikey. Mikey is loving and hugely loveable, but he was born on the streets in Sicily and had to fend for himself for the first five months of his life, so is wary of the world around him, often edgy and liable to freak out when startled. Mei helped us to understand him better, to respond with the right combination of kindness and firmness, and to help him understand our commands much better – all of which have made him much calmer. Crucially, she also found a magic way to teach the recall, so now Mikey can run to his heart’s content in the park. The result: a happier dog and happier owners!”

Jacki Davis

"I just wanted to give you some news from my little Lili. She's doing great, she now usually accepts to come back home after our walks. She is very quiet when we're walking (except when she sees a cat ) We have a very good relationship and she often looks at me during our walks. I am very happy with her.  And I wanted to thank you for your precious help!"

Anne Derixhon

"Mei's natural connection with dogs is evident. Even more importantly she knows how to communicate all her knowledge and training to dog owners in order for them to create a safe and stimulating life for their dogs which is key in order to have a happy dog... and happy owners.

She helped me see how certain life changes and a slackening of discipline had a slow and subtle effect on my 8-year-old Lhasa Apso resulting in him becoming more possessive and aggressive, which was totally out of character. She defined the steps I had to take to address the situation and demonstrated clearly some simple exercises in positive reinforcement. She followed up with me over the coming months to check up on the situation and give advice for the long run.  I learnt a lot from Mei and am super grateful for how her help."

Valeria Setti

“Mei nous a beaucoup aidés par notre chien appelé Arco Iris. Ses conseils nous ont fait comprendre comment aider Arco Iris à surmonter l’angoisse de séparation et à améliorer les relations entre ma jeune fille et le chien. Mei est très gentille et parvient à nous aider à comprendre notre chien.”  

Patricia Sartori 

“My husband and I have a Chocolate Lab named Oscar and we were looking for someone to take care of him a few times a week. Moving here from Germany, we found Mei on a Brussels expat site. Mei actually came into Oscar’s life as a dogsitter but turned out to be a great dog trainer. As he was 8 months old at the time, he was very keen to learn and responded immediately to clicker training. She helped him with some behavioural issues such as pulling on the lead and taught him things like showing respect at doorways, going to his mat and cute tricks like high five and rollover, and also showed us how she taught him. She challenges him both physically and mentally and he’s exhausted every time she’s here. They have developed a very strong bond. We’re so happy that Mei is Oscar’s dog trainer; he’s always so balanced when she spends time with him.”


“My biggest problem with my Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix Chase was that he would bark non-stop, sometimes for minutes, when the doorbell rang which made it chaotic and very loud when visitors came over. I tried many methods in the past to calm him down but he was always overexcited and out of control and wouldn’t listen to anyone. Mei’s process of making him back off from the door and asking him to sit and stay somehow focused him and led into a calm state. It wasn’t only through her body language and verbal commands but her ability to understand his body language which enabled Chase to understand what behaviour was required of him. But the most important part is that Mei taught and guided us through the process so my family is able to follow through with him. Now we don’t cringe every time the doorbell rings and we feel in control of this situation. It’s great because Chase now waits to be invited to greet our guests.”

Tony Procee