One-on-one sessions

One-off sessions – 60€/hour

3 sessions – 160€ (20€ savings)

4 sessions – 215€ (25€ savings)

5 sessions – 270€ (30€ savings)

6 sessions – 320€ (40€ savings)


Lhasa Apso puppy IMG_5866.jpg

Puppy Package

5 Hours – 325€ (25€ savings)

2 hours – Setting up/Preparation Consultation

3 x 1 Hour - Training Sessions

Moving to a new home is a significant change in the life of a young puppy. Preparation is the key to making him feel safe, comfortable and content. Getting it right from the start saves a lot of time, hassle and frustration down the road. I can help you put everything in place – from setting up a schedule for feeding, toileting, walking, playing and napping to puppy proofing your house or apartment to nipping bad habits in the bud.


Behavioural Issues

Initial consultation: 190€

(This requires a minimum booking of 3.5 hours which includes a 1.5 hour Assessment Session and two further 1 hour sessions)

Follow-up sessions: 60€/hour